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1 hour......................................NZ$300
2 hours.....................................NZ$550
Couples 1.5 hrs.........................NZ$550
Longer sessions available by arrangement

LADY JADE is currently only available for the following sessions:


My  love of  the cane, floggers, whips, paddles and old fashioned OTK spanking, are an enduring passion. I have a vast selection, mostly bespoke items made to my specifications which I have mastered and enjoyed using. Whether you are an old hand or brand new to impact, I can take you on a journey that reflects your level and abilities. The cane is my weapon of choice and I have been heard to purr when using it.



I find working with couples to be hugely rewarding and have seen many partnerships strengthen after spending time at House of Jade . I help bring kink into your relationship through consultations, hands-on demonstrations or in role play bringing fantasy into reality. Follow up and phone consults available. POA

Kink Guidance

Opening the door to exploring kinks and fetishes, can for some, carry with it feelings of guilt, shame and confusion. I offer sessions in person (or by phone) which will focus on understanding your issues. Perhaps these things are not of concern to you but you are wondering how to "come out" to your significant other or have some questions about the world of kink that requires a non-judgemental and experienced ear. POA


Dominance Training 

I offer one on one  sessions to those who wish to explore their dominant sides whether for bedroom role

play or in a lifestyle situation.  We look at how to draw on and develop your inner strengths, discovering what kind of dominant you are and finding ways to bring D/s into your relationship. I will share tools and tricks to get the results you want. Recognise, connect and develop your own unique style of Woman of Power - Headmistress, Disciplinarian, Goddess, Corporate Bitch, Sadist, Mommy, Dominatrix etc   Learn mental and physical tools to drive your sub crazy (crazy good); how to train them to your requirements; staying safe; and how to strengthen the D/s connection  to promote a rewarding connection for both parties. POA

I am equally happy to help men to find their Dominant sides in a healthy and fulfilling way.

I do not mentor or train those wanting to become pro dommes in  the art of Domination due to issues around safety and liability.

Submissive Training

Learn  the art of being a submissive so you can set yourself apart from all the others. Protocols, positions (silent body language), how to approach and take care of a Dominant woman, how to communicate your needs and boundaries in a safe way, how to keep yourself safe etc. Available as full day sessions or regular hourly lessons. POA


Kink counseling, consultation, and instruction is for educational purposes only, and is not designed to diagnose or treat any medical or mental health condition or to be used in manner which may cause injury or harm to anyone. 

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