Lady Jade

"I will liberate you from yourself"
Professional Dominatrix
Sensual Sadist
Head Mistress

I am Lady Jade ......

 Professional Dominatrix currently taking appointments in Whangarei and Auckland New Zealand.

Enquire about other dates and locations. Strictly by appointment only. 

Appointments fill quickly - don't be tardy. 

I am here to take control, to guide,  to restrain and to liberate...

My style of  Domination creates a safe space in which your yearnings can be explored in a safe and non-judgemental way.  I have long been deeply interested in understanding and recreating the fetishes of others in a positive and fulfilling way. I enjoy bringing your dark side to life enabling you to feel liberated by your surrender. While I am considered a nurturing Dominatrix and Sensual Sadist, it would be unwise to assume I am not also strict, severe, and filthy!

I am an educated, well-travelled, independent, lifestyle and professional Dominatrix whose journey into the world of  BDSM and fetish felt like a revelation.  I am well aware of my power, I know the effect I have on others - here I am unashamedly able to wield it in a way that gives me pleasure and allows others  to explore their dark my feet.

MY PHILOSOPHY ...........



1) To debaucherize elegantly.
2) The act of indulging in human pleasures yet doing so without expressing your actions in a negative fashion.
3) To live the life of your darkest desires in the absence of shame.

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      Northland & Auckland        New Zealand

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